From Jerome to Allie, March 25, 1863

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From Jerome to Allie, March 25, 1863


Peirce, Jerome
Cumberland, MD.


From Jerome to Allie


Jerome Peirce


Jerome Peirce Collection, National Park Service


HIST 428 (Spring 2020), University of Mary Washington




NPS, Civil War Study Group, Ben Raterman (Transcriber)


For educational purposes with no commercial use. Courtesy of National Park Service, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania NMP, FRSP 16095-16102 (FRSP-00904).


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Letter #92


Near Cumberland [En route by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from Newport News, Va. to Cincinnati, Oh.]

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“Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road”
Near Cumberland Mch 25th 1863
Dear Allie Mine,
I have been taking notes since we left Newport News. All uncertainty is passed and we are indeed “Westward Ho” probably for Tennessee. Of course it seems hard to be sent so far from home but it may, and doubtless is, “all for the best.”
We color guard are in one car, iron, and have plenty of room, seats of rough boards. Rations of soft bread and coffee with cooked pork have been issued, so all goes well.
I feel much better as I get away from the sea coast and shall be in excellent health.
In the confusion and din of travel, I cannot write a letter but I know how anxious you’ll be to hear from me so shall mail it at every chance.
We are passing through the grandest scenery along the ‘Potomac’ and the mountains. I opened my testament this A.M. and in Psalms I saw “Thy testimonies are wonderful”! And surely they are in these rivers and summits.
Frank Crafts is writing home at every stop for wood and water.
I received your last at NN [Newport News] on Sunday and when I shall hear from you I cannot tell but it will be forwarded.
Of course we could see nothing of Baltimore as we were not permitted to go over the river but got a “general view” as we came out. It is larger than Boston and famous for towers and steeples.
We expect to boat it from somewhere near or at Parkersburg, down the Ohio to Louisville, Ky.
A chance to mail at Cumberland.

NOTE 1: Frank G. Crafts enlisted as a Corporal at age 24 from Charlestown, Massachusetts, on July 24, 1862. He was transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps (V.R.C.) on May 31, 1864. The Veteran Reserve Corps (originally the Invalid Corps) was a military reserve organization created within the Union Army during the Civil War to allow partially disabled or otherwise infirmed soldiers (or former soldiers) to perform light duty, freeing able-bodied soldiers to serve on the front lines. It existed from 1863 until 1869.

NOTE 2: The conditions on the train are described in the Unit History, almost exactly word-for-word as in his letter, as follows: From March 23 to March 29, 1863, the men of the 36th went by steamer to Baltimore and then by train freight cars, outfitted with rough board seats, to Parkersburg, West Virginia, and then again by steamer to Cincinnati, Ohio, and on to Lexington, Kentucky. They remained there, except for a short assignment back to Cincinnati to deal with possible riots during an election. Those riots never materialized.

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Jerome Peirce 1863, From Jerome to Allie, March 25, 1863, HIST 428 (Spring 2020), University of Mary Washington


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