From Abbie to Allie, July 8, 1855

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From Abbie to Allie, July 8, 1855


Billerica, MA.


From Abbie to Allie




Jerome Peirce Collection, National Park Service


HIST 428 (Spring 2020), University of Mary Washington




NPS, Civil War Study Group, Paul and Louise Marahrens (Transcribers)


For educational purposes with no commercial use. Courtesy of National Park Service, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania NMP, FRSP 16095-16102 (FRSP-00904).






Letter #228


Probably Billerica, MA.

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Sunday Eve. July 8th 1855 [???] [See Note]
My dear Sister:
My heart is very full tonight, and I feel as tho’ I must speak to someone to quiet it. To whom can I speak better than to you? I have been to meeting all day, and our Sunday school was formed tonight. I do not know whether I shall engage in it as a teacher, or pupil. I think the latter.
My dear Sister, my object in writing was to ask you one serious question, which I wish you to answer freely. Do you feel like joining the church next Communion Sabbath? I wish very much to do so, and hope your feelings are not such as to prevent you. Mr. Chaffee has been very encouraging in his sermons, and I feel prompted from my own heart to do so. How I do wish you were at home to talk with me and read Sarah and Lissie’s kind letters. Do you think you shall be home by the first Sunday next month? I think Mother would be glad to have us. Do write your feelings in a private note to me in your next letter, if it only says yes or no.
Life is so uncertain, we know not what may befall us, and I do not like a longer delay. I shall either write a note, or see Mr. Chaffee soon (I suppose he is going to preach.) and I would go to Mr. Ellis, if I were you. Speak right out and he will advise you. Tell how long we have wished, how interesting and solemn it appears, and the benefit you hope to derive from it. Let us commence early for a few weeks is a short time to consider, unless early improved. When death is nigh we shall not heed the opinion of the world and do not let us know. We are sinful, but it will aid us to do better, and a public faith in Christ is a duty. Let us together commence this new life. It will not take away any of our happiness but add much to it. I shall wait with eagerness your answer. God strengthens us for the act. I never felt so earnest about it. Remember next month.
Yours in love Abby
We are all well.

Monday Morning
Mrs. Judkins was in last night. Willie [???] had been up again with his father. He walked out a little to eat some cherries. I guess Harriet Edmands will make us a visit soon. Is he attentive?
Love to all from Abby

The year that this letter was written is not indicated. However, the letter immediately prior to this one and the letter immediately after this one (all of which were apparently were included in the same envelope) were both written in 1855. In addition, July 8 was a Sunday in 1855. Therefore, it is extremely likely that this letter was written on July 8, 1855.

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Abbie 1855, From Abbie to Allie, July 8, 1855, HIST 428 (Spring 2020), University of Mary Washington


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