From Jerome to "Family and friends", November 1, 1863

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From Jerome to "Family and friends", November 1, 1863


Peirce, Jerome
Family and friends
Camp Nelson, KY


From Jerome to "Family and friends"


Jerome Peirce


Jerome Peirce Collection, National Park Service


HIST 428 (Spring 2020), University of Mary Washington




NPS, Civil War Study Group, Nathan Varnold (trasncriber)


For educational purposes with no commercial use. Courtesy of National Park Service, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania NMP, FRSP 16095-16102 (FRSP-00904).


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Letter #174


Camp Nelson, Ky.

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Camp Nelson, Ky. Nov. 1st 1863
My dear family and friends,
A warm beautiful Sabbath morning. Am sitting on the grass besides our teams. All in line ready for starting but waiting for the forage train to supply us before leaving. Came down here last eve. without any accident and working everything nicely. Animals becoming more docile and used to it, and their drivers.
Made out to read a psalm as I sat here, and my thoughts turn homeward and wondering if it is as pleasant a day with you, and if you are all well and at church? I trust so. Mailed you a letter yesterday. Am feeling excellently well and hope for a safe passage to the Regt.
5 P.M. Started out and went to Lancaster, 14 miles. Muddy, tired and hungry as usual. Supper and to bed, about 11 o’clk such was this Sunday’s work.
Monday 2nd Nov. Started out about 8 o’clk. Got along finely and went into park (a halt) about 3 o’clk PM. Warm and pleasant and here I sit upon the ground, waiting for corn for the mules and writing.
Evening. Little past 7 o’clk. Have been to the Convalescent Camp nearby and to the hospitals downtown. Found most of them, and all of my own Co. [Company] gaining. Some on duty. Saw Sumner Morse. He is on duty here and doing nicely. You remember Miss Hall that we met at Mr. Phipp’s! Her brother died yesterday, a sad case. The boys have written home. Saw Frank Crafts. He is gaining too.
Saw the Chaplain, Mr. Canfield, was very cordial and had a pleasant time and chat with him. Is suffering from chills and fever. Was going to the Regt. or home soon, might have to go to Regt first. He tells us one train is going via Somerset, instead of the route we took by Mt. Vernon etc. The roads are better and nearer. Says our Regt. was at London, Tenn., 30 miles below Knoxville.
I and they talked of winter quarters. This must be taken with caution, this “Winter Quarters,” but I do hope I shall find them nearby.
There is a rumor here that Col. Goodell is dead from his wounds but hope it is only a rumor. We passed the Col. of the 8th Mich., on his way home. I suppose he brought the item about our location, etc.
I am writing by candlelight in the wagon upon barrels, hay, etc. Both the other boys are now writing. If we go to Somerset, I don’t know when I shall mail again, for it is not always a train stop by daylight so long, and I assure you it is busy, tiresome work. I fear ‘tis blowing up another storm.
Am feeling in excellent health and trust you are all well, for I can do and endure if you will only keep well, as I have often told you.
There is news of success in E. [East] Tennessee by Genl. Hooker and Burnside etc., that we had flanked Bragg, got possession of “Lookout Mountain,” and following Bragg who was retreating etc., etc., etc. All which we can hope is true.
We are in a pleasant ground near the village, Crab Orchard, on high ground, and if the Regt. was here, could endure very well for awhile.
But I must close. Please tell the friends I am well when you write. I mailed a letter from Camp Nelson on Sat.
As ever yours,

Expect to start in the morning. Not quite so wearing as the knapsack, yet.

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Jerome Peirce 1861, From Jerome to "Family and friends", November 1, 1863, HIST 428 (Spring 2020), University of Mary Washington


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